Matthew Marks Gallery

Nayland Blake, Vincent Fecteau, Lutz Bacher


36 pages
25 images
8¾ × 5¾ inches; 22 × 15 cm
ISBN 9781944929282

Conceived by Vincent Fecteau, Magic Ben Big Boy presents works by three artists whose creative lives intersected in early-1990s San Francisco. At its center is a recreation of Fecteau’s first one-person show, “Ben,” at an artist-run gallery in the city’s Mission District. Also included is Magic, a 1990–91 assemblage by Nayland Blake, whose studio Fecteau worked in at the time, and Big Boy (1992), a Lutz Bacher sculpture that Fecteau also helped fabricate. This catalogue includes extensive documentation of the 2019 exhibition as well as historical materials, like installation photographs and the checklist from Fecteau‘s 1994 show.