Matthew Marks Gallery



Essay by Dave Hickey

60 pages
34 images
12¼ × 10 inches; 31 × 26 cm
ISBN 1880146533

Published to accompany a 2009 exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery, Yardwork features new paintings and sculptures completed by Gary Hume in his upstate New York studio. The pictures explore familiar themes in Hume’s work, including flowers, birds, doors, and female figures. In the new work, however, the rural surroundings of Hume’s studio have influenced his specific subjects. The doors are now barn doors, as opposed to the hospital doors found in his earlier works; the blackbirds, roses, and daisies are all things he sees from his window, not images drawn from books or media. Yardwork includes an essay by Dave Hickey that places Hume’s paintings in the context of a group of artists the author has named “abstractionists of daily life.”