Matthew Marks Gallery



Essay by Bob Nickas

142 pages
72 images
10⅛ × 9 inches; 26 × 23 cm
ISBN 9781944929138

This catalogue is published on the occasion of Vija Celmins’s first exhibition of new work in seven years, featuring paintings, works on paper, and sculptures of the subjects. Along with her renderings of the ocean’s surface and the night sky, it includes sculptures in which a found object, such as a chalkboard or a small stone, is paired with a meticulously painted bronze depiction of itself.

Designed in collaboration with the artist, the book features over seventy images, including dozens of detail photographs to capture the artworks’ nuanced colors and intricate surfaces. As Bob Nickas explains in the essay, ”The paintings, though seen from both near and far, only ever reveal themselves in proximity. Before them, we get as close to the surface as she was in their making. We see them in relation to the artist, her body and mind, and thus to her intention: to examine something as directly as possible.”