Matthew Marks Gallery



44 pages
27 Images
8½ × 8½ inches; 22 × 22 cm
ISBN 9781944929312

Miyoko Ito’s paintings feature rich surfaces and evocative colors characterized by many layers of paint meticulously built-up with individual brushstrokes. Working on one canvas at a time, her technical precision was reflected in her slow working process. Painting in her studio from sunrise to sunset, often seven days a week, Ito said: “Painting is very much a part of my life, like breathing. It is a necessity. It is do or die.”

This catalogue is published in conjunction with an exhibition of paintings and lithographs that Ito made between 1948 and 1983, spanning the entirety of her nearly four-decade career. Eighteen full-color reproductions are accompanied by an illustrated chronology of the artist’s life.